Our Curriculum

The Trust's aims for a top class curriculum will deliver our vision and enable our mission. St Mary's has designed its curriculum based on the Trust's agreed principles of teaching and learning.

Our curriculum:

  • has Catholic life, RE and Gospel values at its centre;

  • is fully inclusive;

  • is built on the theory and practice of learning

  • allows for learning to be more explicit, permeable, progressive and linked between subjects;

  • ensures continuous provision in and beyond the classroom;

  • has clear progression of content, knowledge, skills and understanding in all year groups and across the school;

  • has blocked teaching sequences for each subject;

  • has quality outcomes;

  • ensures constant practise and use of equipment;

  • ensures meaningful home learning;

  • is taught by teachers with expert subject knowledge;

  • ensures learning which children can retain, recall, apply and explain.

Every year group learns through a series of topics, designed to build on subject knowledge and skills year on year. Most subjects are taught through these topics, with age-appropriate schemes of work for Relationship and Health Education (see separate page).
Our children are entitled to experiences which support their physical, mental, social and academic development, as well as prepare them for secondary school and future adult life. We have developed a series of activity passports, showing a rich variety of experiences, which every child will participate in before they leave St Mary's.