Emergency Closure

Any school closures e.g. due to bad weather will be announced on the following radio stations:

 Pirate FM


 BBC Radio Cornwall



Coronavirus Update

The Government has a 4 staged approach:

1. Contain: detect early cases and prevent the disease from spreading for as long as reasonably possible.

2. Delay: slow the spread, lowering the impact and pushing it away from the winter

3. Research: to better understand the virus and the actions needed, including research into drug treatment and vaccination

4. Mitigate: provide the best care possible for people who become ill, support hospitals, public services and the economy.

At the present time we have been told by the DfE that no school should close in response to a suspected (or confirmed) case of COVID-19 unless advised to do so. Should this happen, our emergency school closure procedures will be used, and parents will be informed by text message, via our facebook page and website. Please help us to maintain good communication with parents by ensuring we have up to date contact details for you. 

The key symptoms of Coronavirus infection are flu like symptoms, a cough, difficulty in breathing and a temperature (above 37.8 degrees C). Pupils or staff exhibiting these symptoms should contact NHS 111 for advice and follow the advice with regards to self-isolation.

At the current time, the advice from the DfE is that the absence of pupils who are required to self-isolate by Public Health England will be authorised. Pupils who are not required to self-isolate by Public Health England should continue to attend school and parents requiring further advice should contact the school.

We would ask all parents for their support in ensuring that, if their child is required to self-isolate, they follow this advice and inform the school. This is extremely important. Should there be a confirmed case of Coronavirus, then the school will inform Public Health England (who will provide further advice), CAST, Governors and the Local Authority.