Science at St Mary’s

At St Mary’s, we aim to develop a child’s natural curiosity by providing first hand experiences that children relate to and identify with. We aim to provide learning opportunities and activities that relate to the everyday world they experience happening around them. Children are encouraged to explore and question what they do not understand and offer suggestions as to what is happening. Through sharing ideas they also learn from each other. We provide time to explore the local environment and children are encouraged to respect and appreciate their surroundings. They are taught how to treat animal and plant life and return specimens to their natural habitat.


We take an investigative approach to learning and provide opportunities for children to plan their own experiments develop scientific skills and work together as budding scientists. Children are encouraged to predict, hypothesise, and explain how they carry out their tests and investigations. They have to observe, measure and identify variables and they are asked to record their results and interpret any findings. We encourage children to keep asking ‘why’, and to suggest ideas for their outcomes, backing them up with scientific knowledge and understanding. We provide them with further knowledge to develop their ideas.