Catholic Life

St. Mary's Catholic School sees Religious Education as the Core and Foundation of the entire educational process. Because of this, each child is valued for what he/she is rather than for what he/she can do and every child is given equal opportunity for development to the highest potential. Through Religious Education we communicate the beliefs and values which should inspire and unify every aspect of school life and the Curriculum. This gives St Mary's its distinctive nature as a Catholic School. To enhance the religious education that already takes place in the children’s homes and Parish, we teach the God Matters religious education programme within the framework of the Portsmouth Diocese Programme of Study. The children’s experiences are enriched through reading and reflecting upon the Old and New Testaments. We also study other World Faiths in order to develop our knowledge and to help promote tolerance and understanding of our friends and neighbours’ beliefs and practice.
Our Mission Statement is 'Growing together in knowledge, faith and love' We promote the Gospel values in all aspects of school life and in all our relationships. We talk to the children about these regularly and try to help them to understand what they mean in their lives.
Humility- seeing life as a gift 
Compassion- empathy
Kindness- gentleness
Justice- working for a fairer world
Forgiveness- reconciliation
Integrity- do what you say
Peace-committed to peacemaking, non-violence
Courage- standing up for truth
RE Curriculum 

God Matters


The 'God Matters' curriculum is followed throughout our school and is split up into ten themes which are revisited and developed each year to support the faith development of the children.


Creation - explores the creation story and considers why we should look after God's creation.

Sacraments - children develop a deeper understanding of each of the seven sacraments within the Catholic Church.

Prayer, Saints and Feasts - explores our relationship with God and how we celebrate our Saints. This is covered in Novemberr when we celebrate Our Saints and All Souls and again in the Summer term. 

Advent:  Looks at the season of Advent and how we prepare for Jesus' birth.

Christmas: Looks specifically at the story of Christmas and what it means for us.

Revelation:  Develops the children's knowledge of how we should follow God's laws and how we are waiting for Jesus to come again.

Lent: Children develop an understanding of how we prepare for Easter through the teachings and example of Jesus.

Holy Week: Children explore each of the different stages of Holy Week and empathise with Jesus and the disciples throughout this time.

Easter:  Children are given the opportunity to explore the sacrifice Jesus and God made at this time.

Pentecost and Mission:  Explores the events of Pentecost and the importance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Classes also learn about events within our Liturgical Year, relevant Saints and times of particular focus 

Every year, children also spend three separate weeks learning about other faiths e.g.: Judaism, Sikhism and Islam.

First Holy Communion

St. Mary's is proud to provide the venue for the First Holy Communion programme for our parish. We are excited to see seven children from our school preparing for the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation. 

Dear Lord,

Walk with us as parents on our journey of faith with our children.

Be with our children as they prepare in this year to encounter you more deeply in the celebration of the Eucharist.

For the bread that gives everlasting life so that we can love God with all our strength


For the wine that gives everlasting joy and strength to serve our brothers and sisters


For offering us your body and blood


For the Eucharist that proclaims your glory


For you, Christ Jesus, who are always with us