Our Governing Body

The Trust board has disbanded the Local Governing Body and in its place constituted an Interim Executive Board (IEB). This will provide the necessary urgent and consistent focus on the drive and monitoring of improvement necessary to secure rapid school improvement.

 The IEB will meet monthly and operate as an enhanced governance entity, driving improvement with the school leadership and monitoring progress.

 The IEB will have as its members:

  •  Dr Pat McGovern (Chair)
  • Demelza Bolton (Headteacher)

  • Mark Lees (Executive Headteacher, St Pirans Cross MAT)

  • Karen Brokenshire

Dr Pat McGovern


Pat has been commissioned to work with the school for four days a month to provide mentoring and support for the Headteacher, in particular with writing and delivery of the action plan, development of middle and senior leadership and chair the IEB.

Pat has worked extensively in schools and has recently retired as the Principal of Helston College which is the largest secondary school in Cornwall. He was the Chief School’s Adviser in Plymouth and now works as an independent consultant as well as facilitating leadership training for the National College.

Mrs Karen Brokenshire

Mr Mark Lees

Executive Headteacher, St. Pirans Cross MAT

Awaiting pen portrait

Governor Roles
Pat McGovern: Whistleblowing, Finance, Health and Safety and Safeguarding
Mark Lees: Teaching and Learning and standards, Behaviour, Attendance and SEN
Karen Brokenshire: Staffing, Personnel and Appointments, Leadership and Management and the Community.

Ms Janet Standring

Clerk to the Governors